Moaning and Groaning

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I hate Google. They have too much power, and it's so arbitrary. Once again, they are messing with their Page Rank, and they killed it for this blog (this makes the second time). So this blog is a big, fat zero once again.

I wouldn't care at all-- not at ALL-- except that I write articles and adverisements on my blogs, for pay. It's my income. Because I cannot work outside the home (due to my back condition), I am reliant on the ranking of this blog and others to attract advertisers. Advertisers look at Google's stupid Page Rank, and Google doesn't like it (well, they like it when advertisers go to Google sites with Google ads). So Google messes with the system and gives certain websites 0, to limit these bloggers' income-producing ability, and to enhance Google's income-producing ability. I am caught in the fray-- it's not like Upstate NY is filled with opportunities like all the jobs in San Francisco, for example. This blog, if Google left it alone, would have a Page Rank of 4 or 5, which would bring in about $500 more a month than I currently make. But Google can't have that!

So I hate Google and I hate Page Rank! Wah!

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