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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wooo! I just love videos like this, videos that portray the beauty and wonder of Upstate New York. I am so tired of being associated with New York CITY when I say that I am from New York. New York CITY is just a little speck of asphalt and metal buildings to us in Upstate!

The video, below, won first prize in the "I Love NY" ad contest.

Discover a Different New York - Grand Prize/Central Region Award - video powered by Metacafe

The New York Post had a blip about it:

The winner of a contest to find a new "I LOVE NY" TV commercial is a Syracuse-based amateur filmmaker whose 60-second movie doesn't include a single shot of the Big Apple.

Instead, "Discover a Different New York" features scenes of upstate scenery. "Most people automatically associate New York with the city, but there's an entire state out there that's beautiful," said winner Sean Cunningham, 23, a recent Binghamton University graduate.

Yay! Upstate is way more than flannel-clothed hicks with heated blankets. We have a lot to offer, and I am thrilled to see it made more known.

P.S. The news story has a few comments at the bottom. Some folks said things like "this video is boring, where are the landmarks?" or "if you're not in NYC then you're camping out." Obviously these folks need to VISIT Upstate before they make smarmy remarks. ;) lol

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Laurie said...

Which isn't to say, of course, that upstaters don't love electric blankets and flannel. BECAUSE WE DO. :D I can't wait until it's time to put out my best LL Bean sheets.

2:35 AM  
Mrs Mecomber said...

I don't use electric blankets (I'm a hot person), but I do love flannel shirts! Yeehaw! And I'm wearing one now! I love this season, and I agree. :)

11:04 AM  
threecollie said...

I love the video, thanks for sharing it

12:28 PM  

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