The Mother of All NY Crossword Puzzles

Monday, September 29, 2008

It's been said that the New York Times Crossword Puzzle is the "mother" of all crosswords. If you can solve the NYT puzzle, the rest of the crossword puzzles of the world are mere child's toys. Ah, but can you solve the New York Times "I Love NY" Crossword Puzzle

I found the pdf file for it here. A warning-- clicking that link opens the pdf file. If you'd rather see the I Love NY home page with the link for the pdf file, it's here (until they remove the link, anyway). 

I haven't done a crossword in EONS. I'll have to print this out and try it while waiting at the dentist's or something. And check out this nifty site for online crosswords. Very cool.

Oh, and in case you're like me-- you'll need the answers (another pdf file).

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