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Saturday, November 08, 2008

I just LOVE looking at photos from other places around the world. Since I can't just hop on a plane and see Macchu Picchu or the Parthenon, excellent photos are the nest best thing. The Internet is a great source for finding photos. Here are a few treasures I pulled out of my bookmarks:

2GoGlobal. This is one of my favorite travel sites- probably the BEST travel blog out there. A couple ditched their jobs in the late 1990s and traveled around the world. This website is HUGE and the articles are so engaging. They also have neat articles on tips for the world traveler and what to include and avoid, from the currency to foreign herbs as diet pills! I spent months here, going through everything. This is a terrific site.

Trek Earth. Very nice, and highly organized! The photos are incredible, taken by ordinary travelers, and they have nice descriptions, too.

Travel Blog. This is simply named, but the photos are very nice.

Photo Travels. There are about 5000 photos showcasing places from all around the world. They have a really nice selection of New England photos-- I liked those! A lot of them are of everyday moments. Very nice. It's a nice site to spend a rainy day here.  

That should keep the virtual traveler busy for a while! I wish you happy trails! :)

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