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Monday, November 03, 2008

I hate Halloween! I'm so glad it's finally over! If I see ONE MORE carved pumpkin with seeds spilling out as upchuck, I'm going to explode!! 

Maybe I pick the wrong towns in which to live, but Halloween is a free-for-all for the roaving mobs. Other towns have sensible curfews, and anyone out after the appointed time is ticketed. I like that an awful lot. But here and in other areas I've lived, there is a permeating "que sera, sera" and "boys will be boys' attitude. Police patrol the areas but really, very little is done to prevent noisy prankstering all night long. The day after, certain sections of town were slathered in toilet paper, pumpkin guts, and shaving cream. Didn't the kids learn in school that wasting toilet paper doesn't "save the earth"?! 

Oh well, it's over. And tomorrow is the election. Big whoop! I can't wait until that is all over, too. I'm tired of the Halloween blitz and the election blitz. Now that winter is on the way, we'll all be discussing snow, Florida, and Disney vacations! It's better than puking pumpkins, lol!

How did you town fare after Halloween? 

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RMAC said...

I knew I liked Mrs. Mecomber. I HATE Halloween too. Way too much effort for a 2-hr. event. Most of our neighborhood decorates their houses, does luminaries on the driveways, dress up, urghhh. P.S. there are now those pumpkin guts lining the gutters of our neighborhood, waiting for trash trucks to haul those $7 pumpkins to the trash...

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