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Thursday, November 06, 2008

My previous post was about how I admire the Winter Campers group-- camping in the Adirondacks in winter sounds like so much fun! No bugs, no crowds, cool weather (which I love). And guess what? One of the guys who runs Winter Campers (Jim Muller) invited me to go an expedition with the group!! I think I would love to go! The only problem is time constraints. I doubt I could drop my work and go this month. Plus, I don't think I have the personal gear (boots, etc) prepared yet. Although Jim was very, very generous to offer to outfit me with camping gear. Wow!

But what do you think? Should I try to go sometime? I could be like a "roving reporter," like one of those "real" travel reporters. I could blog about the experience, blow by blow, and include videos and/or photos! That would be so cool that it makes me feel giddy!

I'd have to have more time to plan and think about it. Jim Muller, I want to thank you publicly for your incredibly generous offer. You've made Winter Campers sound not only fun, but also like I've got some great new friends.

I recommend you guys check out the Winter Campers website. They make the experience look so intriguing and like such fun!

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Jim Muller said...

I am serious about the invitation. If you check the calendar on our web site you can see dates for some of our other planned trips.

The 'blow by blow' blog thing probably won't work as most places we go don't have cell phone coverage, much less power & wi-fi for your computer.... ;-)

But you could certainly take a lot of pictures and post an interesting trip report.

Let me know.

2:07 PM  

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