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Monday, December 01, 2008

One of the bummers about an Upstate New York winter is that a lot of the historic sites close until Memorial Day. I think November and December are terrific times to travel around here. No bugs, no humidity, no crowds! But I can understand why the historic sites close--- imagine trying to heat (and keep clean from travelers' muddy boots) 200 year-old houses! Nonetheless, I miss the travels.

But there's good news for New York travel lovers. Several of New York's finest historic homes are going to be open for the Christmas holidays. The homes are all decked out in holiday splendor, too!

Bennington Battlefield Historic Site in Grafton, NY
Clermont State Historic Site in Germantown, NY
John Jay Homestead Historic Site, in Katonah, NY
Knox's Headquarters in Vails Gate, NY
Lorenzo Historic Site in Cazenovia, NY
Olana Historic Site in Hudson, NY
Sackett's Harbor Battlefield Historic Site in Sackett's Harbor, NY
Schuyler Manion Historic Site, Albany, NY
Staatsburgh Historic Site, Staatsburgh, NY
Washington's Headquarters Hitoric Site, Newburgh, NY

The holiday openings are usually very special. Some places serve refreshments, other have games or sleigh rides, and some others have little giveaways, like promotional bags or candy. Check out the links to go to the official New York State Parks & Recreation site listing for each historic site. You can find directions, contact information, a calendar of events, hours of admission, and admission costs.

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John Tedder said...

I don't know if FDR's home in Hyde Park gets decorated for Christmas, but I have always enjoyed visiting there.

The visitor center at Saratoga Battlefield is open all year. The tour road closes on November 30th, but the visitor center stays open. It has an interesting movie that you can watch, artifacts from the battle and a nice selection of books in the gift shop.The park employees and volunteers are very nice too. They are always ready to speak with you. I mention Saratoga because you have Bennington Battlefield on your list and if you are up that way and have the time, it would be a worthwhile thing to do. Thanks. I enjoyed your post and may just stop by the Schuyler Mansion in Albany. I live around the corner from the Schuyler House in Schuylerville.

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