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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I found a terrific site while looking for Upstate New York sites-- it's called Where in Upstate NY To Find Christmas Trees, etc. It's a pretty long title, lol. And it's a huge website. But it has reams and reams of information! It's not all about Christmas trees, although that is the bulk of the website. I like that there is a clickable map by county, where you can find Christmas tree farms. But there are also listings for stuff like pumpkin patches, corn mazes, fruit and vegetable farms, tips on selecting a Christmas tree, and scads more. I am definitely going back next autumn, because I was unable to find any farms with a corn maze, and we desperately wanted to go this year! :( So Im hoping we can find a local one next year.

If you live in Upstate NY, or are passing through, this is a cute site to peruse. Agri-tourism is really getting big in New York. I have high hopes that New York State will become less known for Manhattan, Wall Street, big shopping complexes with wholesale electronics and clothes, and become more known for its rolling hills, beautiful pastures and farmland, and it's amazing history. New York City is only a teeny-tiny part of a great big and beautiful state.

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