Snow Has Come

Monday, December 08, 2008

The temperature has climbed to 16 degree Fahrenheit now. We woke up to minus 5 degree. Brrr. We got snow lats night, not too much: about 3 inches. I would have been happy to see more.

I went outside to snap a few photos. I'm not a very good photographer, sorry. I have an eye for symmetry and placement, but I am not a very good manager of the camera. They elude me. Someday I'm going to have to read that manual, lol.

Here are my steps to the basement, covered in snow. I like the way the snow looks like icing on the cake. The cat mussed up the clean snow-- those are his puddy prints. He lives in the basement (there's a pet door to the inside).

Snow on Stairs

Such lame icicles. Oh well. Wait til February, then I'll be complaining about how big and sharp they are.


Here's Livvy, experiencing snow for the first time. She is absolutely desperate to get outside. She's driving us nuts about it, actually.

Snow and Livvy

And the snow is softly settled on the yews in the front bed. Pretty.

Snow on Yews

So winter is here. Weather dudes say it may be colder and snowier than years past. We'll see.

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