The Utica Public Library in Photos

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I have written a few posts about our recent visit to the Utica Public Library at my New York blog, see here. But I have dozens and dozens of photos and want to share some here, too. These are the more whimsical and interesting photos of the library. The kids love to fool around for the camera (they are such hams!). I can easily fill up my memory cards with photos and videos. The only thing preventing me is that I really dont' want to have to edit and upload hundreds of photos!

Utica Public Library Entrance

Without further ado, here are some cute shots I took.

This is The Historian posing with the bust of James Schoolcraft Sherman. He was born and raised in Utica, served as mayor and Congressmen, and was elected Vice President of the United States under President Taft, in 1909. Sherman died in 1912 and is buried in the Forest Hill Cemetery, nearby. We visited that famous cemetery; you can read about that, too.

K and VP Sherman

The Utica Library is so warm and cozy for being such an imposing building, due in large part to the woodwork and lovely wooden floors. I am awed by the doors in the place, as you can see.

Reading Room

Staff Only

Remember these old card catalogs we "old timers" used to use in our local libraries? Most libraries have given them up for computer databases. I do love these old things, though.

Card Catalog

Library 2nd floor

This is the Music Room. That's reams and reams of very old sheet music on the shelves-- a veritable treasure!!

Library Music Room

Looking out the elegant window.

Library Window

I'll have more photos on the near future, as we spent over an hour exploring the place. Stay tuned!

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Lily Hydrangea said...

I remember using those old card catalogues when I was in grammar school! oops..I'm showing my age!

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