We Got Snow

Monday, February 02, 2009

Well, my blogging pal Chilly has been begging for me to send him some snow. Chilly-- the Post Office is a remarkable institution, but I seriously doubt they'd get this package right, lol. So I have the next best thing-- snow photos! Looking at them makes me feel cold all over again.

Here's the path we had to cut to our dog's area. Usually she is in the basement (heated) when it gets really cold, but she prefers to be outside in the snow, actually. Here she is, expecting me to bring the leash and go out for a walk. She's a little pudgy, isn't she? Do they make best diet pills for pudgy beagles?

Daisy Dog

Here's our backyard and driveway, buried in snow.

Van in Snow

The kids love it! Look at the size of the snowbanks.

Big Banks

This is the Snow Mountain. Great for sledding.

The Big Snow Mountain

I like the smooth, untouched snow in the backyard. That's about 17 inches or so there.

Snowy Yard

Backyard Snow

So there ya go-- snow! Enjoy! lol. Me, I can't wait until it all melts. I'm tired of it.

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Emm said...

You got so much snow! It makes our snow look like nothing!

3:56 PM  
chilly said...

OMG! ROFL!! I can't believe you have that much snow and you called me out too! LOL!
I would give anything to see that snow you guys have up north!
We have a chance (small chance) of seeing some flurries coming to us. Not much but it's snow.
BTW: Pretty dog indeed!

Thank you so much for posting the photos! :-)
Have a great week!

9:32 PM  
TheSnackHound said...

When I was in second through mid 8th grade, my family lived in Wisconsin. We used to carve little forts out of the snow drifts...sort of hollow them out and put water on them to reinforce the walls. Those pictures sort of reminded me of those times.

10:22 PM  
Mrs Mecomber said...

Emm, yep, we's gots snow. Lots andlots. Wish I could share.

Hey Chilly- nice profile pic! Our snow will be here probably til March.. maybe even April.. so start walking if ya wanna see it. HAHA! Thanks for commenting. :D

Snack Hound--- ooo Wisconsin where you not only get snow, you get COLD winds! :S I used to build those kinds of forts, too, when I lived in the Snow Belt of NYS (between Lake Ontario and Lake Oneida). Such terrific fun!

8:14 AM  
Emm said...

Oh gosh no - please don't share! I am already grumbling about our snow!

4:33 AM  

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