That Dumb Groundhog

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The groundhog/winter thing is a little old. How old is this goofy tradition? I really can't believe grown people still follow through with it, lol! And the groundhog bit New York City mayor Bloomberg this last time, lol. Pardon my laughing, but golly-- that's kinda funny!

So all the groundhogians are saying winter will still maintain its icy grip for the next six weeks. :-p And that, my friends, is why I hate Groundhog Day. Call it cabin fever or whatever, I am TIRED of winter.

Wah wah, I know- what a complainer, lol! OK, yeah, winter is a nice time to do indoors things. We try to spend more time reading together as a family, playing games, and othr indoor things. That is very enjoyable. The boys like computer games, but I am not too fond of those as a leisure activity, unless the game has some educational purpose.

One very nice website my sons have found is at MagNext . My youngest discovered the site a few months ago, and loves it! I love the Legends King Arthur game (hee) but the big favorite with the boys right now is Plasma Clash. This is a great website to send the kids during those long quiet winter days. It also make a great motivational tool for them-- I find that chores and schoolwork gets done much quicker whrn they know that a visit to the MEGA Brands website is in store for them. Hehheh! The site allows members to collect "magz" to go toward purchases, too.


So I guess winter isn't all that bad. It would be neat of someone could invent a "groundhog" game like Whack-a-Mole or something! LOL!

P.S. MagNext is free to play, by the way-- AND it's a kid friendly website. Believe me, your kids will love it!

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