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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Wowsa! I'll bet this family looks forward to winter every year! The dad who built this backyard luge is from Orchard Park, NY.

It isn't your ordinary backyard.

John Mastrangelo builds a homemade ice luge each winter. He started small seven years ago, but he expands the project each year. Now, with the help of his family and Mother Nature, his ice luge is over two stories tall.

"It took a good to condense it into days 14 days 21 days of solid work," John told News 4.

"I am the official hot chocolate girl. Im the official washing up the floor cause we walks in a thousand times and makes everything muddy its a great thing, but he comes here before work after work all weekend long," said Lisa Mastrangelo.

The luge is a continual work in progress. This year its 22 feet high, the run is 200 feet long and this year its bigger than ever.

It's fun for everyone, the kids, the neighbors, and even Dad.

"It's become quite an obsession."

"So cool, fun we get to go on it everyday," said Dante Mastrangelo, about having the luge in his yard.

The kids are all very brave and go down the luge like it was nothing.

"I get really excited and can't wait to go and do it again," said Gabe Mastrangelo.

Isn't it the coolest thing?! I would love to go sliding down that thing! I'd probably need to recover for a day in a comfy sleep number bed if I did, though. Boy, sometimes I wish I was young again!

Hat tip Junkfoodaholic.

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Dorothy said...

I'm twenty minutes from Orchard Park and didn't know it existed..


Dorothy from grammology

4:16 PM  
Chile Vacations said...

Its great. I would love to slide on it.It must be lot of fun. Great work by John

6:25 AM  

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