Wednesday, February 11, 2009

February. SUCH a boring month! The temperatures are up, then they are down... the snow has become brown and ugly and has lost its charming appeal... and STILL nothing in New York State is open!! :-p Besides the Super Bowl, chicken wings, and the subsequent focus on weight loss pills, there's really still nothing to do around here yet. I always get so antsy, come February.

So, I haven't anything travel-y or New York-y to say. Got any suggestions? I could snap photos of the dirty brown snowbanks... ?

Our activities are still indoor activities. This is the time we really start to feel restless up here. A lot of people take their winter break to go to Florida for a week. I'm making plans on a trip down south sometime, but it won't be this month.

So... zzzzz..... sleepy February.

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Dorothy said...

Your so right I took my camera out the other day and uhg...nothing worth taking. The only good thing I notice is the days are lighter longer and that's hopeful.

Dorothy from grammology

12:03 AM  
Sherry said...

Hey, if you find one of those weight loss pills that really works with no bad sad effects, share the news!! :)

8:43 PM  

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