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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We took a drive to Hamilton, NY, recently. It's a small town in Madison County, population about 3500. But it's a college town (Colgate University), so the place is kept up beautifully. I blogged about our drive at my travel blog here. But I want to post a few photos of some neat quirky stuff on this blog, for you to see.

Street in Hamilton 2

This is a neat little alley. I was SOOO tempted to investigate it, but a lady passed by in front of us as I was taking photos, went in the alley and entered a door in there. I hesitated after that, thinking that this alley probably leads to the entrances of offices for the stores on the front entrances. Nuts.

Lebanon Street Alley

Walking down the street, I snapped photos here and there. I like this door. It's just so OLD looking.

Green Door

And there was this quaint little sign outside a small drugstore.

Apothecary Sign Hamilton

I love little touches like that.

Not all of the buildings are grandiose. This stucco-sided building screamed Plain Jane. It's a tavern. I think it's very homely and sticks out like a sore thumb, or a bad acne treatment, when compared to the other more elegant buildings.

Old Stone Jug Hamilton

Next to it is the "Main Moon" Chinese restaurant. I think this restaurant has been in this town for about 20 years?! It's been here as long as I can remember. This is the first time I've seen it in this newer red building, though. I love the name: Main Moon. lol.

Main Moon Hamilton

This is St. Mary's church, the first "Hamilton" building I see when I enter the town. The rectangular steeple in the front (right hand side) always makes me marvel. I know it's stone but I can't help thinking that one severe windstorm, and that roof is going to topple...

St Mary's Hamilton

And finally, here's a wacky-looking war memorial, situated between the Hamilton library and Village Hall building. It's just a strange-looking monument for an old-fashioned town like Hamilton.

War Monument Hamilton

Stay tuned for more photos at my other travel blog, too! Thanks for joining me with this visit!

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Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Oh my! Until I was 9 my grandmother lived in an apartment above some building on Main St. in Hamilton. I wonder if it's in your picture! Thanks for the memories. We would go to some small restaurant on the other side of the street and order waffles or grilled ham sandwiches.

4:54 PM  
William said...

I was not happy when I read your remarks about the "wacky-looking" and "strange-looking" monument that you referred to as a "war memorial". It is pretty obvious that you didn't spend much time there. It is a beautiful memorial park dedicated to every veteran from Hamilton that served their country.
Had you moved a little snow under your feet, you would have seen the names of those veterans and their dates of service. Much time and effort went into the park by the Hamilton Post of the American Legion and your comments are disgusting to all veterans everywhere. I don't live in Hamilton any more, but I grew up there and my name is one of those around the monument.
You honestly don't have much of an appreciation of Hamilton and your comments reflect your ignorance of the town. Maybe you should try writing about something that you are familiar with.

1:17 PM  

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