A Few More Photos of Hamilton, NY

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am sometimes so surprised by the comments and emails I get after posting one of our travels-- so many people seem to have once lived in the state, or have relatives living here. And they all thank me for the photos and stories. That is so neat!

I have a few snapshots of our visit to Hamilton, NY. They are extraneous photos, not of anything in particular, but just shots of the area. I actually like it when bloggers do this-- I like looking at photos and seeing what things are like in other places. The photos don't necessarily need to be artistic or well-done (and count me in on that!).

Anyway, I'm taking a long time just to say I'm putting up more photos of our trip to this small town in Madison County! You can read more about Hamiton, NY, here.

I saw this red house and thought it was appealing. I like red houses, and I especially like the white paint on the federal-style trim here. It looks so old-fashioned and cozy. That's the Hamilton Library to the left, by the way.

Nice Red House

This is the clock tower in the center of town. It sits atop an old warehouse that is now the Hamilton Bookstore. I never noticed that small white balcony in the front of the building (your left-hand side, down the front of the building) until now. I wonder if it is useable?


I love this bookstore-- it retains the lofty feel of the old warehouse. The old wood flooring squeaks when you walk. And there are three stories to explore!


So those are my simple photos. I hope you liked them. I have hopes of taking more simple photos of every day life here in Upstate New York. Spring is coming, so there will be so much to photograph!

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Susie said...

I'm really enjoying your photos.
Thanks for sharing.
I live in Saint Lawrence County,

5:21 AM  
chilly said...

Hi There!
Love the photos of places you posts. Be fun to visit and see them. Thanks for sharing. :-)

BTW: They say we are suppose to get snow on Sunday. :-D

12:54 AM  

Excellent site!!!

11:39 AM  

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