Cold But Cute!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

My kitty, Livvy (short for Olivia) is at the age now where she is BEGGING to go outside. You'd think she'd be happy being in a warm, safe, dry, happy environment in the house, but NO! She thinks she needs to be outside. Well, she's an indoor cat; but we've decided to let her taste the cold, cruel world. I got her a harness and a little leash and we took her outside today.

It was 15 degrees, though. Does she look a little chilly?

First Day Out

Cold Day Outside

She wouldn't move her paws- the concrete was too cold. She just stood there, a little stiff, while she squinted in the sunshine and smelled the tart winter air.

Cold Livvy

A little wind blew from time to time, and her ears flattened. Aw!!!

Cold Concrete

Poor baby. Here we are, warming her ears.


We strolled around the yard, carrying her. Here is her face after seeing the dog in the yard.


Talk about a reaction! That's a Hublot Big Bang there... we moved her away from the dog (so she wouldn't squirm out of our arms) and showed her the van.


My purpose is to get her acquainted with the vehicle, so she won't freak out everytime we have to take her to the vet. Also, if we ever go on an extended trip away from home, I think we'd probably have to take her. She's a real "people" cat and I don't think she could bear to be home alone for very long. So we're training her to be mobile. I'm happy to say that she took to her harness pretty well.

After her brief excursion outside, she was happy to be back in the toasty warm house. She took a nap in her favorite, warmest place: on me, at the computer. She loves to cuddle in my arms under my neck.


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chilly said...

LOL A person might think you guys have that cat spoiled real good! ;-)

Hi There! Stop by On The Bricks, got something for you to see. LOL!
Hope you guys are having a super day! :-)

1:50 PM  
Carole said...

What a fun post! She is soooo cute! Loved seeing the looks on her sweet little face.

7:24 PM  
Mizé said...

I think Livvy enjoyed the walk outside...she got tired for sure. Look how she´s sleeping like a baby in the last picture :)
I have to do the same with Atos. I think he´ll freak out a bit because he´s inside all the time.
Good Tuesday :):)

10:30 AM  
blueyes said...

My cat used to do the same thing and I'd take her out only during the warm months to roll around in the grass and stuff. Then one day she got out and was out all day and she never wanted to see what was out the door again lol I think I was more scared than she was at that time because she was ill before she snuck out. I can't wait to get another cat now.

12:20 PM  
Dorothy said...

Absolutely precious pictures of your precious kitty...

Glad to see things worked well and when brought back into the peace of home kitty was peaceful.

Dorothy from grammology

9:21 PM  
Karen said...

What a brave kitty! Good idea to get her accustomed to the vehicle. I think I see you in that picture and you don't look a thing like what I had in my head all these years. LOL

3:13 PM  
Duni said...

Your cat is so sweet! The last pic is adorable.
We tried the same with our cat Sammy, but he doesn't like being outside at all!

5:31 AM  
Emm said...

Oh! How adorable!!! I love the Happy Kitty face in the last photo. ♥

11:02 AM  
Judith Schultz said...

wow - snap - my cat, Karmen, does that to :) just as I'm making myself comfortable at the computer up she jumps and snuggles up under my many chins!!! LOL Judith

12:37 PM  

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