Maple Syrup Season!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Now that spring is FINALLY here, New York State ihas geared up for another great maple syrup season. New York's maple syrup industry is big, big business, both for larger companies and small farms. The I Love NY website has a page of some larger maple syrup events going on, including:

Cornell Cooperative Extenstion of St. Lawrence County - Canton, NY

Moore’s Maple Shack & Pancake House - Freedom, NY

The American Maple Museum - Croghan, NY

Maple Glen Sugar House - Gowanda, NY

Their list is not extensive by any means. If you go to the I Love NY page, and do a search on "maple syrup," you'll find a larger listing of farms and businesses that are having events and tastings for the season. I was hoping to take the kids to a local farm around here... don't know if we'll make it this year, though.

In other news, I found this incredible piece of information that there is a "maple syrup and baking soda" cure for cancer! I have no idea if it's true. I discovered this information while doing a search. Has anyone heard of this? Is this something for all kinds of cancers, or just, for example, Mesothelioma cancer, or something? It sounds really wild. You can read about it here and here and here. I like to learn about natural remedies, so it was interesting to me.

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Jim Walter said...

Nice article about Maple Season. I was at the CNY Maple Festival in Marathon last weekend and that is always a fun time. The Madison Tourism blog has information about Critz Farms Spring Maple festivities. They actually serve a pancake breakfast all day long too. The information was at or

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Gordon said...

I enjoyed browsing your blog. I go to Pulaski every Octobe, fishing of course! Where are your triangles posted? Drop by my blog and check out the Friday Shoot-outs. We would love to have you join us. Gordon

1:49 AM  

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