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Monday, March 30, 2009

It's finally SPRING SPRING SPRING! No leaves on the trees yet, no flowers showing except the snowdrops and crocus, but it IS spring! It came early this year, and we are pleased as punch. For some reason, this winter was loathesome. It wasn't particularly snowy or cold (although we did have a few subzero cold snaps), just ugly, dull, and boring. I am thrilled to see my lawn starting to fill in.

We took a short trip to the Utica Zoo a week ago. The zoo charges no admission during the winter. It was a fun visit, and we got a healthy, long walk out of it. I have no idea how far we must have walked that day, but several hours of brisk walking was better than any best diet supplements. It was GREAT to be active and outside again.

This was our first time walking up the nature trail behind the zoo.

Zoo Nature Trail

Utica sits in a low valley, and it is a lovely sight from the zoo at the top of a hill.

Utica Skyline

Utica Skyline church

I spotted my first robin of the spring here. I'd been hearing them around for a few days previously, but this was my first sighting. Can you click on the photo, enlarge it, and find him?

First Robin of Spring

And for the first time, the tigers were active. Every other time I've been here, they've either been skulking behind the trees in the back, or sitting like lumps on a big stone. They were chasing each other and having a grand old time.

Walking Tiger

I'll have more photos and story snippets later. Hurray, spring is here!

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Sharkbytes said...

Always love to find a nature trail in unexpected places!

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