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Friday, March 20, 2009

I posted an article about our trip to Oneida, NY, to see Cottage Lawn, a lovely home that houses the Madison County Historical Society and also serves as a museum. I took about 100 photos! I couldn't possibly place them all into one or even two posts, so I snapped some photos specifically to share here. 

View from Cottage Lawn

The home was built by the Higinbothams of Oneida. It was once a four-acre lot, with fruit trees and a small stream flowing through the property. The home now sits on an acre-lot, with many houses nearby. The place was built in 1849, and it's like walking back in time! It has these two stone lions at the stairs that we found perfect fodder for an amusing photo.

Between the Lions

The house is "English Cottage" style. Kind of cozy but it has a Gothic flair. The Tudor-ish windows give it the English feel.

Entry Door

Higinbotham Music Room

One of the daughters of the family, Julia, was a musician. She played piano. Her parents had this miniature piano made for her, to fit over her lap in bed.

Julia's Small Piano

Upstairs is a delightful (and HUGE) collection of stuffed animals-- an eagle, all sorts of birds, and this amazing pufferfish (or is it a porcupine fish?!).

Stuffed Pufferfish

That's a 150-year old fish in there!

Here's a beautiful old sewing machine, a treadle one. My mom had one of these-- they are simply constructed and work wonderfully. No button-holing with these things, though.

Treadle Sewing Machine

In the bedrooms are displays of everyday living. These bloomers were in Grandma's room. The family were friends with Amelia Bloomer, of Smithfield. Elizabeth Smith Miller (daughter of Gerrit Smith who was a close friend of the Higinbotham's here), made the bloomer fashion. We visited Smithfield and snapped a photo of the historical marker about the advent of Bloomerism here.


Peterboro Birthplace of Bloomerism

And here is a folded-up hoopskirt in a hold trunk. UGH. Imagine wearing those! I am grateful for sweatpants!

Trunk with Hoop Skirt

I'll have more photos to come!

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