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Saturday, April 18, 2009

We visited the Museum of Science and Technology (MOST) in Syracuse recently (see my post about the amazing Toothpick City II there). The parking was so packed (and so expensive) that we had to park about 10 blocks away and hoof it to the museum. Then on the way back, I took a wrong turn (road construction, blast it!) and we wound up in the opposite direction of our vehicle. Whew. I'd say we spent about 4 hours walking (including the visit to the museum). Good exercise, definitely, better than the best diet pill around! The kids were huffing and puffing, though. (Not me, of course). 

Syracuse is an interesting city. There's a blend of very old, beautiful buildings with modern, antiseptic-looking buildings.

Syracuse Flat Iron Bldg

Syracuse Window

Hotel Syracuse Empty Shops

Syracuse Galleries

Syracuse Courthouse

It was a busy day in the city. The road looks like it has some old trolley tracks that have been covered up. See it, in the bottom right-hand side of the photo below? Are those trolley tracks?

Downtown Syracuse

This is City Hall. It was very unobtrusive, hidden among taller and newer buildings and not situated next to the courthouse. If I hadn't stopped to inspect the columns, I never would have realized this was City Hall.

Syracuse City Hall

The stones are of local limestone. You can see the coral fossils in the limestone. Until relatively recently in history, New York State was all under water. The waers must have been rather warm, for coral to have flourished here.

Coral in City Hall limestone Syr

Coral in City Hall Limestone 2

I took loads more photos! I'll be posting more soon.

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Dorothy said...

I was born there my brother still lives there and you did a great job with the photos.

Dorothy from grammology

7:59 PM  

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