Vintage Dick Cavett Tribute to Utica, NY

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I remember the Dick Cavett Show-- well, I remember my mom watching it. I was too young to be a viewer (and understand what he was talking about!). I came across this really neat old video clip of the Dick Cavett Show. In it, Cavett honors Utica, NY, for the local television station (WUTR) adding his show to the TV schedule. This guy is really funny!! The show starts out a little slow, but then Cavett does a "tribute" to Utica, and it's pretty funny! 

Did you happen to notice the big stage walls, that spinned when Cavett came walking down the stairs? They looked like petal-shaped stainless steel backsplash panels, did you notice them? I'll bet that back then, that was super-advanced technology, eh? LOL!

This is what is so neat about the Internet-- things that were considered "lost" (like vintage shows or photos) are now available for all to see. SO COOL! I'm going to go see what else I can dig up....

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Dorothy said...

I remember and really liked him he was funny and in those days things seemed so much simpler.

Dorothy from grammology

10:26 PM  

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