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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It may be over a week since the great holiday... but, EVERY day is Independence Day for us! :D Here are some more really great photos of our fun trip we had that day. If you don't recall, we visited Fort Stanwix in Rome, NY, and then attended a Tea Party at Rome City Hall. Both we spectacular! The public reading of the Declaration of Independence was especially moving. (I haven't yet made the video of the reading).

To get into Fort Stanwix this day, a guard stopped us and asked us where our loyalties lay, with King George or the Continental Congress?

Guarding Entrance

Needless to say, we got in. :D

Fort Stanwix Visitors Center

The nice thing about the Fort is that there is a combination of museum, activity, and living museum displays. We are able to look at formal displays of life as it was 235 years ago, but we are also able to interact with re-enactors.

Stanwix Missionary Quarters

Musket Drill 1

In the Bunkhouse

Kids Making Movies

The amount of work it took to maintian a fort in the wilderness is staggering when you think of it. This was waaay before the age of weight losss supplements-- back then, people tried to EAT a lot because their labors were so exhausting.


Suttlers Place

I'll have more photos, and hopefully that video, very soon!

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Michelle said...

Wonderful Blog. I am from upstate and very much appreciate the pics. Shared with the whole family.

10:07 PM  

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