End of Summer

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Well, another summer gone. I know it's not officially autumn YET, but summer vacation season is usually over once two things happen-- when the New York State Fair ends, and when kids go back to public schools. Yesterday was the last day of the Fair-- another Fair come and gone, and I missed it again. Believe it or not, I have NEVER been to the State Fair. As a girl, my parents would not let me go; they said it was not a place for young girls (too much drinking and carousing). They're right; I'd never let my kids go! But maybe we'd go if I was with them. I'd definitely go to one of the smaller, county fairs, though.

ANYWAY. All this is the long of saying WAAAHHHHH Summer Is Over!!! Now we have to deal with all the serious stuff, like mulching the garden beds, fixing the fences and bathroom lighting, and doing Algebra with the kids!! Waaahh!!

LOL. Oh well, I like autumn. It's cooler, it's cleaner.. and we do get out for a small burst of trips before winter hits. THIS is the time I like to hit the beaches and parks, now that all the crowds are gone. And New York State in the fall is gorgeous. *sigh*

Potato Hill Rd Adirondacks 1

Autumn Adirondacks 1

How about you? Do you have any plans for the autumn, or are you resigned to being a homebody now that summer is "over"?

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