In the Mailbox: Patriot Humor

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Well, amongst the mass of emails that I get everyday, I found this little gem in there-- the Patriot Post Humor e-zine. It's one of those few emails that are just too brief, I tell ya! I look forward to it every week; it's a nice change from all the other miscellaneous email I get, for "free" laptops from China and emails about how to remove blackheads and stuff.

Did you know today is California's birthday! Became a state today in 1850, which just does not seem like a very long time ago, considering the other states' entrance into the Union. This from the Patriot Post. LOL!!

Did you know that California became a state on September 9, 1850? In those days, the people had no electricity, the state had no money, almost everyone spoke Spanish and there were gunfights in the streets. Basically, nothing has changed except back then the women weren't made of silicone and the men didn't hold hands.

This one was my favorite:

The latest telephone poll taken by the California Governor's office asked whether people who live in California think illegal immigration is a serious problem:

19% responded, "Yes, it is a serious problem."

81% responded, "No es una problema seriosa."


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