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Monday, August 24, 2009

The month of August. Holy cow, where did it go?! Did August just speed by for you, too?

It's been busy here, but oddly enough, I can't say I've really DONE much this summer. We've taken so few trips. :( I had high hopes of going camping this year, but other things took preeminence.

We like to travel in the autumn, anyway. It's cooler, it's easier on the vehicle, and there are fewer crowds. We're still hoping to get some traveling done out of state. No, not exactly orange nj dentist stuff, but I have some relatives in Virginia and elsewhere that we would love to visit. We're just waiting for the time to be "right." My kids have never been out of the state, and going to Virginia-- the place where all that American Revolution stuff happened-- is extremely exciting to them. I'm really hoping we go; I'll know by October.

The gardens have been doing poorly this year. My flowering beds have been terrific, but the vegetables are awful, just awful. I accidentally planted 5 zucchini plants and expected a huge blitz... but blight took down the plants, and we are zucchini-less! For the first time EVER. My tomatoes and potatoes, which had been doing so well this summer, got the blight last week. :( I will dearly miss my potatoes. Turnips did well, and we got some beans... but not even the lettuce or peas produced much this year. It's the worst garden I've had since I started gardening.

And life is busy. I work full-time at home, now. Well-- the hours are full-time, but the pay is part-time. I'm a blogger, and I receive $$ for writing ads and hosting weblinks on my blogs. You've probably noticed, lol. But the money can be good, and since I love blogging, it's an enjoyable occupation. It takes a lot of my time, though, maintaining all these blogs.

What's your summer been like? I'm looking forward to autumn, when things slow down and I can BREATHE again. :D

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threecollie said...

We kinda feel like, "summer, what summer? Must have missed it."

12:28 PM  
Mrs Mecomber said...

Yep, just like that. I liked your post about it, though, comparing this albeit dismal summer with the even more dismal winter. For a farm, winter must be REALLY tough.

It seems like all I do is sit in front of this computer, or wash dishes or cook. :-p We have GOT to go somewhere soon... lol.

12:33 PM  
Photo Cache said...

Oh I love your posts about the antique car show. I know nothing about them except that they're very nice to look at :)

I was trying to find your Photo Hunt entry. I know I'm late in visiting. I simply couldn't find time to bloghop during the weekend; hence I post my entry on Friday.

You have a great week, okay.

7:46 PM  
Dorothy said...

I'm with you where in the heck did the summer go besides the lousy weather I can't believe we have to deal with darkness snow sleet and ice..ohhh the south is looking good.

Dorothy from grammology

4:58 PM  
EastCoastLife said...

It's the last day of August in Singapore now. Time flies.

Lucky you get to enjoy autumn. I have summer all year round in Singapore, 365 days of it. :(

10:20 AM  

Good that you have an occupation you find enjoyable; perhaps that realization can paritally make up for the lack of garden action (no zucchini, tomatoes, or potatoes? that's an unfriendly garden...). The summer did indeed disappear, and hopefully the fall will be a little more patient with us.

4:50 PM  

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