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Friday, July 31, 2009

I've been posting photos, left and right, of our trip to the Antique and Classic Car Show that was held in Utica on July 5th. You can see loads of photos here and here and here and here, and now here are some more! The cars are just SO beautiful I have to post more photos!

I really admired the 1914 REO wagon. It was all wood. And the wheels were unique-- there was a separate drive shaft (is that the correct term?) for each wheel.

1914 REO Model Wagon

Here's a beautiful 1932 Cadillac and hood ornaments. There were lovely ornaments on several of the cars.

32 Cadillac

32 Cadillac Hood ornament

Here's the Pierce Arrow model.

Pierce Arrow Classic Car 2

Pierce Arrow Classic Car

Delage Classic

The seats are as durable and beautiful as Samsonite luggage, aren't they? Everything was so perfectly crafted. Just gorgeous cars.

Car Interior

I went ga-ga over this car. I have no idea what kind it is!

Classic Car Unknown

And here's an old set of auto tools-- everything needed to fix your car. My, how times have changed!

Old Auto Tools

Hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I did!

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Ann said...

I like antique cars when I see one, I turn my head. A friend is in a car club, and she has fun.

I have not seen such antique cars in NZ.

6:41 PM  
Emm said...

I'm absolutely loving all of your posts on the antique car show. Those cars are absolutely exquisite and it is wonderful to see so many in such a fine condition!

10:00 PM  
Dorothy said...

I'm amazed at how beautiful the finishes are on the cars they're like mirrors.

Dorothy from grammology

5:12 PM  
EastCoastLife said...

These antique cars are so cool! They would cost a lot in Singapore!

10:21 AM  
Alice Audrey said...

Now that's a true Horseless Carriage.

8:58 PM  

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