More Photos of the Antique Car Show in Utica

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh, I have more photos! The day-- July 5th- in Utica, NY, was perfect. Not too hot, and FINALLY no rain.

I don't know a car from the best weight loss pills, really. They all look similar to me except for a few details, and I can NEVER seem to retain in my memory their names. But one thing I know is a Ford model T. Maybe because of all the old movies I used to watch, lol.

Anyway, I really like this car.

1913 Ford

Look at the "headlight"! A kerosene LAMP!

1913 Ford Head Lamp

And hard rubber tires. Talk about scrambled innards.

1913 Ford Wheel

Here's another Ford; I liked the look. It's a 1934 Ford.

1934 Ford

And this is quite a character. I don't know what this is, except that it had "Maxwell" on a metal plate.

Maxwell Car

It was a very enjoyable day. The car owners have kept up these cars in outstanding condition!

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Ann said...

How does the kerosene lamp work? Is there no damger of it going out? My grand dad's house had now electrciiity when we were young, and he used a lot of kerosene lamps to light his house.

Thanks for visiting,


Ann :)

6:39 PM  

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