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Friday, October 16, 2009

We haven't been out and about in AGES. :-p I've had cabin fever since July, and it isn't even winter yet! :(

Well, it's a good thing we have the Internet. Weekly, I am able to visit my international friends' blog, thanks to Photo Hunters. And then there are all the quirky websites I find on a regular basis.

There's one site by, with a page devoted to "Strange Museums." I think I've seen my share of some pretty weird stuff in museums, but these take the cake!

This is the Lunchbox Museum in Columbus, Georgia. It looks like a blast! I love retro and old stuff like this. (Photo courtesy of the site)

There's also a Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum, in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. (Photo courtesy of the site)

The number of quirky museums like these are staggering. WHERE do people get all this stuff?? LOL! There must be a museum for everything, I suppose-- even as far-fetched as an acne museum or a flannel shirt museum??

The site has more, and includes links to visit the online museum. It's a nice relaxing break from the monotony of leaf-raking, at any rate. And you don't even have to wear shoes or pay admission to visit. ;)

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Great picture. It amazing how many museum they are.
My first lunch box I had was with Captain Kangaroo on it.

Thanks for stopping in for some coffee and the pot is always on.

3:10 PM  
Anonymous said...

Intersting museums - we always like to explore the unusual! Have to look for these!

3:43 PM  
chilly said...

Hi Mrs Mecomber!
Somethings going on with your blogs. This is the only one Wanda or I can open. All your others time out before opening.
Thanks! :-)

2:41 AM  

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