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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Last week was fun. I traveled out to Oneida to see-- for REAL-- the Oneida Nation Indian Stone. I had done some research on the history of it, and on the history of the Oneida Nation.

Oneida Stone2

We first became interested in the nation after studying and learning about the Reverend Samuel Kirkland, a missionary to the Indians and who founded the Hamilton-Oneida Academy in Clinton, NY (now Hamilton College). We got to know Kirkland so well that he seems like an old grandfather-- a beloved ancient whom we've never met. Kirkland was a wonderful man.

And then we visited the Shago:wi Cultural Center, a museum run by the Oneidas. I like it a lot (plus, it's free!). I'd LOVE to work there (or any historical museum, for that matter!), but employment is a little hard to come by these days. I've been pounding the pavement and not been finding much.

So we're home this week. I'm updating various of our blogs (I'm the family IT gal), and with the kids now having blogs, they need help from time to time. One child recently moved her blog from Blogger to a self-hosted Wordpress: what a chore! We wanted to get ALL the old posts to redirect to the NEW exact post without any blips. It took me an entire day to figure it out, but I finally did it! (Yes, Jean, I did it! And it was not easy!) I am so proud of myself. :D And then, the other kid wants a new template and blog header, which is fine with me. His current blog is too dark and I can't read it.

So... that's my boring little life right now, lol. I had hopes, last spring, to perhaps join the Winter Campers this year-- they have been so generous and willing to take me-- but I had some issues with my back (wasn't ready for such physical activity) and had commitments here to fulfill. Nuts.

We're STILL hoping for this and that-- a renovated kitchen, a trip pout-of-state, etc. I'm pretty sure we'll get something done from our list.

I do wish it would snow, though. If we're going to be stuck at home, it would be nice to be stuck feeling cozy at home! ;)

How's your winter turning out?

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Renee said...

Just one question... is MY blog hard to read? I love my dark template because it makes the vibrant-colored pictures pop. I do try to use bigger font size so it isn't hard to read.

Congrats on getting those blogs to Wordpress! It sounds like an enormous task!

1:27 AM  
Mrs Mecomber said...

Hi Renee, thanks for your comment!

All blogs that have black background and light lettering are difficult for my eyes to read. What's really funky is that, after a few minutes and I go to a different website with white backgrounds, I see optical illusions of red and yellow and green from the dark site! It's weird!

From what I understand, dark backgrounds are great for photo blogs, but not so hot for reading posts. I have a photo blog with a dark background and it does make the colors pop! So I like it. But I just can't read the print for very long (I have to skim, sorry to say!).

There's another blogger-- a political blogger who writes really great posts!-- but I can't read his site at ALL because of his black background and tiny gray font for his posts. :(

9:25 AM  
Renee said...

Aw, sometimes my eyes play tricks on me, too. :( I have no idea what other color scheme I would do instead of black. I just tried to add a "gadget" to my blog for blog subscriptions. Hopefully that will help with the black background. (Don't they show the subscriptions on a white page?) I am not techy at all, so I'm really grateful for people like you who are good at it! :)

6:10 PM  
Dorothy said...

Sounds like your busy yet enjoying the family..looking forward to doing the same.

Dorothy from grammology

6:59 PM  

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