How Flighty!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I saw this astounding video, and have to share. It's a time-lapse compilation of world airline flights in a 24-hour period. I really had no idea that there were so many airplanes in the sky, all the time!

Did you notice how the flights slowed (slightly) during night time? Still.. that's a LOT of air traffic. I have been on a plane before, and didn't mind it, but I still prefer car travel. I like to stop and "smell the roses" as it were, to soak up the local environment and feel like I've really traveled. Of course, traveling by car entails all sorts of "fun" things (like car sickness, boredom, and finding the best auto insurance quotes), but air travel is too hectic for me.

How about you: what do you prefer, car or airplane?

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