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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scott Law of the fabulous The World's Best Photography Blog has tagged me for a meme! I do like memes, and try to fulfill them when I have time. Well, tonight I have time! So I'm going to ramble on...

8 TV shows I watch on occasion
I don't watch television, but I do watch DVDs on occasion. I'll try to list 8 TV shows on DVD that I actually watch...
1. Drive Thru History (SUCH a terrific bunch of DVDs!!)
2. Blue Planet
3. Weather and gardening videos at my local news websites
4. DIY Network online
5. Shipwreck (documentaries on ships lost at sea)
6. British History with Simon Schama
7. Victoria & Albert (I think it was a mini-series)
8. Daniel Boone (from the early 60s)

8 favorite places to eat and drink
1. My dining room
2. At my desk (I'm a workaholic, yep!)
3. Any place where I don't have to get up to get napkins or straws!
Can't think of anything else!

8 things I look forward to (NOT necessarily in this order)
1. To be with Jesus Christ where righteousness dwells!
2. Wearing my plush purple bathrobe when it's chilly in the house.
3. My new kitchen.
4. Taking a trip, especially to a new place.
5. Being in my Secret Garden again.
6. Checking my email for blog comments.
7. Transferring my earnings from PayPal into my bank account. :D
8. History books.

8 things I love about winter
1. No noise on the streets (I live in town, it gets pretty noisy here during the summer).
2. Roasting turkey.
3. Baking bread.
4. The peacefulness of snow.
5. Snowstorms and being huddled inside where it's cozy.
6. NO bugs!
7. Christmas carols.
8. Anticipating another spring.

8 things on my wish list
1. A new kitchen.
2. The house completely renovated.
3. A full-time job for my husband.
4. To take the kids traveling out of state.
5. More/Better employment for me.
6. A sedan for traveling.
Can't think of anything else!

8 things I am passionate about
1. Jesus Christ saving me!
2. Learning about God and the Bible more and more.
3. Blogging. LOVE it.
4. Writing. LOVE it.
5. Computer stuff, like how to do things (hacks). I have a new blog I started, about it: The Older Geek.
6. History, especially ancient civilization history.
7. Gardening.
8. Educating my children.

8 things I have learned from the past

1. People don't always intentionally hurt you.
2. Not to be so hard-nosed.
3. There are some things you cannot change or control. Whew!
4. God is faithful.
5. You attract more flies with honey than vinegar.
6. Forgive. It's better for you, it's better for them.
7. History does often repeat itself.
8. What we do today affects generations to come

8 things I want/need
1. Well, I think I've said I need a new kitchen a few times already!
2. I'd like to try a Mac computer someday...
3. To get my kids new renovated bedrooms (WITH electricity!)
4. We really need new electricity... plumbing... insulation...
5. Umm... I really REALLY want a new kitchen... can that count for numbers 5, 6, 7, and 8?

8 people I want to tag
Oh dear! I am dumbfounded with this one! I don't want anyone to feel obligate, either. How about-- if you want to play this meme, go ahead! Come back here and leave a link, and I'll visit. :D

Thanks, Scott, for a swell meme! It's is great getting to know the World's Best Photographer!! ;)

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Bull Rhino said...

That's great. . .and so quick to. I was talking to somebody just a couple days ago and we mentioned the flies and honey adage - Soooo true.
I do have one question though. . . did you want a new kitchen? LOL.

3:51 PM  
Dorothy said...

I hate those things too and I usually ignore them I'm going to check out your free photos..

Have a great weekend.

Dorothy from grammology

9:06 AM  
Mack said...

Interesting text. You have a nice blog. Keep it up!

3:30 AM  

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