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Monday, January 18, 2010

I can't believe people would actually (build and) drive these wacky things. These are the weirdest cars I've ever seen!

This must have been inspired from Flipper. WEIRD!

This.... looks strangely European.... Actually, it's kind of cute. But I could never imagine driving this on a highway. Is this really classified as a "car"?

I think this guy drives this car down my street every Friday night-- 2am on the button! >:(

This is pretty. Couldn't see a blasted thing. But it's pretty. Probably a California creation!

This is wild! But what happens if you are driving and it's terribly windy out? The car would roll off the embankment! LOL. Needs some muscle builder... looks like a billiard ball.

Oh my friend Chilly would love this one!

I cannot imagine ever trying to fix this car after a fender bender!

Well, these were interesting! I've seen some pretty funky cars in my travels, but these take the cake. lol.

Photos from BoGoBoo

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Mizé said...

I´m happy to see you finally got PR :)
Loved the car´s pictures, specially the last one. I could imagine my fellow Portuguese faces when seeing me drive one of those Lol.

9:35 PM  
Mrs Mecomber said...

Mize!!! OMG!! I didn't know! I had no idea until your comment! Yippeee, a PR3! :D

9:43 PM  
Mike Golch said...

cool photos!

11:21 PM  

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