That's the Cool Thing About Cats

Friday, January 15, 2010

I love cats, just LOVE them. Watch this:

See? That's the cool thing about cats. When they see the TV or computer, they think it's just another window for them to look into, and sometimes even play into. They are such fun, and so cute!

Yes... I'm surfing LOLcats... bad, I know. Business has been slow ever since early December. There was one week where I made whopping $15. :( So I prayed and asked God to send me more work, I sure needed it.

WHAMMO! I got work, so much that I am barely keeping up with it! I'm busy, but I'm happy. But tonight.... I played Scrabble with the kids (and won! haha) and am now toodling around on the I Can Haz Cheeseburger site (again). I know I know! I am so bad! I should be writing those articles on how to pin Windows folders to the Start Menu and writing articles about weight loss diet pills.... but I'm fooling around! So bad, I am!

I accomplished my goal, so I'm happy. I was hired this week by a new writing company, Demand Studios. If you are looking for online work, I recommend you check Darren's ProBlogger Job Board regularly. Jobs go fast, but if you can nab one, it's a great way to earn some money.

OK, back to work for me... gotta write some How To articles before bed.... thank God for the work!

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