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Monday, March 08, 2010

I'm a tech blogger/writer. This blog is usually where I rattle on about every day living and the fun and quirky stuff about living in Upstate NY, but I have two tech blogs, and I write various tech articles for a few companies.

And I am SICK of writing about Windows. haha! I recently got a stupendous deal on a used Mini Mac on eBay, and I can't wait til it comes in. I have one other Mac-- one of the original 1984 models from waaaaaay back (this was even before Windows!). It still works.

I've been wanting to try out one of the "modern" Macs, and I got my chance last week. Macs are now coming with fancy Intel processors, so the PowerPC processors are being dumped for the new fancy models. I don't care if I have a new fancy model, I just want an old Mac to tinker with. I got one at a great price and am excited to try it out. I like my Windows as much as any gal, but I like to explore technology, and this little mini just may spark the beginning of a beautiful friendship. We'll see.

I just wish Macs weren't so darned expensive. I gulped when I saw what the iMacs are selling for: $5000!! For a COMPUTER?! That's worth a couple of loose diamonds, I tell you. Too much, way too much. Are they really that good, as good as the price of a car?! Seriously?

I'm happy to tinker with the "pre-owned" models. As soon as I am comfortable with the thing, I hope to write some nice How To articles about Macs. Because right now, I see very, very few; so there's definitely a need. Here's hoping the prices go down!

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