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Saturday, May 29, 2010

We took half this week off from our kitchen demolition. I can't believe this is finally happening. I've waited 13 YEARS for this moment. And now that it has come.... I'm kind of non-chalant. It's like a fog right now. I really can't wait to get this done and have my house back, have my functionality back.

In Kitchen Looking to DR

Demolition is a loathsome task. It's dirty, it's difficult... and the tools are not geared for women and young adults, either. Our safety glasses encompassed our entire faces, and the dust masks hung down to our chins! I think if someone decided to start a business making safety equipment for smaller people, they'd have a real corner on the market. I'd pay through the nose for quality, well-fitting safety equipment.

It is an exciting time, though. I like seeing how old houses were put together, and wondering about their lives back then. It's all very interesting.


If you want to keep on top of the play-by-play action here at the homestead, see my blog New York Renovator.

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