Rainy Saturday Blah

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Childhood nostalgia sometimes rears up on rainy Saturdays. For some reason, I got out of bed this morning, hearing the tumultuous heavy rain on the roof, and wanted to play with my old Cooky the Cucumber toy. haha! I don't want to work, to write articles today-- I want to snuggle up in a blanket and watch Fat Albert and Rocky & Bullwinkle. And I remembered the old Monster Movie Matinee show. Remember those? If you grew up anywhere from Syracuse, NY, to Erie, PA, then you remember the old Monster Movie Matinee show! It went on at 1pm, every Saturday. I didn't watch it every weekend-- on sunny days, the outdoors beckoned. Back then, playing outdoors was what kids did. We only came indoors if it was raining or snowing (and even then, we usually stayed outdoors unless it was very cold). Indoors was for playing checkers or reading books or watching Monster Movie Matinee. I looked up a few of the old episodes on YouTube.... what drivel! I laugh now: how could we EVER have tolerated such goofiness? But back then, it was what we did.

While surfing around for old movies and TV clips of my youth, I found this interesting video called "Wintery Syracuse, NY, Commute." The video is sped up a little, but OH this is just how it is up here! I now live in the Mohawk Valley, where it is a little warmer with less snow in the winter (since we are sheltered in the lowest valley in Upstate New York), but living between Oneida Lake and Lake Ontario make for some spectacular winters. Watch how cars pass each other like it's nothing. Pretty impressive!

Yep, those good old days, eeek. The weather hasn't changed much, even though the television fodder certainly has. Well, almost all of it-- they still hawk fat burner pills and the latest fashions, I've noticed. Some things will never die, eh?

Look at this old clip I found of Rod Wood! I remember him, and I remember Carrie Lazarus when she started her career at WIXT WSYR... I noticed WSYR has a nice dedication segment on Rod and Carrie. How long has Carrie been there, 25 years?! I feel so old. I used to covet Carrie's 80's feathered-style hair!

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