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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I'm stuck at home, but what I really want right now is to be on the road! We haven't done much traveling at all because we are renovating several rooms in our home. This coupled with the demands of my job keep me very, very occupied right now. But the hot and humid days have arrived early this year in New York State, and strike us as a perfect sleep aid that threatens to sap our energy and lull our summer fun away.... it's on days like these that I like to get out of the house and visit an air-conditioned museum, or a peaceful lake. Nope, stuck at home right now. :( Not much of a travel blogger, am I? Oh well, at least right now I'm a terrific home improvement blogger! LOL.

Well, we hope to be taking a few breaks here and there. We want to see the Boat Museum in Chittenango (never been there yet) and perhaps visit a few old favorites. If my home improvement schedule goes well, we hope to go on a lengthy trip before the school season starts up again. We'll see!

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