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Friday, June 04, 2010

I love Route 20. When I lived in Cherry Valley (Route 20 was once called the Cherry Valley Turnpike), it was the "main" road to anywhere. It's a wonderfully rural road with highway panache-- you can sail at 55mph (except for those HUGE hills up and down- boy are those best fat burner for joggers!) but still catch the flavor of rural Upstate New York. And there were always lots of quirky places along the way, like the TePee or Petrified Creatures Museum. (Are these places still open?!)

And we discovered Chittning Pond in Bridgewater while riding along Route 20. It's beautiful there.

Chittning Pond1

Good news is that there's a new website devoted to Route 20, called Route 20 Association of New York State. Route 20 is a scenic byway (I didn't know that-- well, I knew it was a byway and was scenic, lol... but it's nice to be official, I guess. I totally applaud the association building a website, especially such a lovely one. This is a great resource.

It gives me some ideas, too... maybe sometime we could create an itinerary to visit every single tourist attraction along Route 20, from LaFayette to Duanseburg!! That would be quite an adventure!

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Manisha Chopra said...

The view in the photographs is so appealing that it feels like we should be there immediately. Good to here that it will now be officially promoted.

1:16 AM  

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