What Is There To Do in New York?!

Friday, June 04, 2010

Oh my word. There's LOTS to do in New York State!

I was perusing the I Love NY website. They've really done it up nicely, and I'm so happy to see more on the events schedule. Travel in New York is NOT all about New York City! Upstate is rich in history, culture, leisure, recreation, boating, more. I was very impressed with the Events page at the I Love NY website. Highly recommended! I spent the better part of an hour sifting through all the stuff we could do this summer. Wow, I wish I could do it all!

And remember, if you are a vendor or have a tourist attraction-- GET YOUR PLACE listed on the Internet! More people look to the Internet for travel information than those brochures. Brochures are "OK" but I much prefer the Internet. The Net has up-to-date information, is more convenient, and has stuff like maps and other useful resources. Flipping through a brochure with all the billions of ads and hydroxycut information is not helpful. Get your place listed on the Net! Or start your own website or blog, and join Twitter! P.S. If you are an Upstate NY tourist organization, follow me @RebeMecomber on Twitter. I will be sure to follow you! I am always looking for information and deals.

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