I'm Missing Out on Summer

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I just realized that we are on the heels of July, and August will soon be here. Wah! I haven't done ANYTHING travel-related this summer!!! It's a travel emergency! Wah wah! Pardon me while I whine, lol.

Hello, I have TRAVEL blogs! I'm not doing any traveling! *sigh*

Potato Hill Rd Adirondacks 1

The traveling road is calling me...

It's been a really crazy summer. Last year was crazy, too. But this summer, we decided to gut the downstairs of our rickety 1855 house. It's been three months now... and I can say that the rooms are 2/3 done. We're running a little behind schedule right now. I thought perhaps I could ramp up the sheetrock installation, but I guess I am not as young as I used to be. I can only get one wall done A DAY. Whew. It's very hard labor.

Beautiful Lake View

Lake Ontario is absolutely gorgeous this time of year...

Benches on the Berm


So anyway, today I am dreaming about all the wonderful places we still want to visit... Whiteface Mountain... the Adirondack Museum... Fort Ticonderoga... Chittenango Boat Museum... all will have to wait until the autumn.

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Renee said...

Don't feel bad, we haven't gone anywhere this year yet either! We really hope to, though! Hey, if you need to send somebody on the road for your travel blog, I'd be happy to fill that position! LOL Just kidding! ;)

Last year at this time, we had already had a thrilling vacation... but not yet this year! Hopefully soon!

9:50 AM  

Hi Renee! Yes, it's been a crazy busy summer, hasn't it?

Oh I would love to send you on a trip for my blog! LOL. I wish I could! Maybe someday I can have a "team."

11:40 AM  

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