The Penny-Pinching Continues...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

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All I hear is bad news from the news outlets. I know, not a big surprise, right? :S But this time they are all harping about how the economy is going to go down, how prices are going to go up, how taxes are going to swallow us up entirely but we just CANNOT lower taxes because that's what the Republicans want (huh??).... these prophets have quite the racket going, eh? Does anyone keep track of how often these outlets are correct?

Nonetheless, there are still good prices to be had, if you are willing to look for them. You may have to do a little investigating, but they can be found. One great resource for comparing various group health insurance rates, auto rates, home insurance rates, and more is I have tried to form myself, and it is very easy to fill out. You can even check out and compare commercial insurance quotes and Netquote group health medical online, too.

Basically, you type in information in a form (name, address, phone number) and go through a brief survey of what kind of coverage you want to compare. Netquote does all the rest by showing you your choices with various insurance companies. Be aware that the insurance companies will most likely call you to follow up on the survey. But the nice thing is that THEY do all the legwork, and you don't.

Today more than ever we must watch where our dollars and pennies go. It's not difficult to budget (it can be challenging!), but you need to know where to go to get what you need for the best price. :)

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