The One World Trade Center?

Monday, July 12, 2010

One of the curiosities that I encountered when I visited Manhattan a few weeks ago was the construction of the "One World Trade Center" complex, on the site of the old World Trade Center twin towers. The place was an absolute disaster to navigate. I got lost many time, circling the area. It was all so unfamiliar to me, and while NYC is a noisy city, this was a particularly noisy area. (by the way, if you are looking to lose weight, toss the natural weight loss products and WALK WALK WALK. I spent hours walking NYC and lost about 10 pounds! lol)

One World Trade Center

I'd heard that something was going up at Ground Zero... never paid a whole lot of attention to the hooplah. Wasn't someone saying, a couple of years ago, that the site was in the shape of a crescent moon? Or was that the site for Flight 93? Can't remember now.

Anyway, I was surprised to see "One World Trade Center" on the barricades around Ground Zero. Wow.

As I walked around New York and especially Central Park, I encountered huge, sophisticated (and obviously expensive) statues and monuments in the park and along sidewalks. I paused to read several of them. I was surprised to see every one of them devoted to a foreign leader. Simon Bolivar?! Do we New Yorkers really need a 25' marble statue of Bolivar on our streets? And there were tons others. New York has certainly changed since I lived there in the late 80s. I would think that we have enough great Americans to build statues an monuments of, don't we?

I don't like this "one world" stuff at all. :-p

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