Camouflage Yourself From Face Detection Technology

Saturday, July 03, 2010

I'm recently back from a jaunt to New York City, surveillance capital of the United States, is it? There were security cameras everywhere. And getting into the Empire State Building was TIGHT. They check everything on you... scan it, make you pass through a metal detector, and THEN they snap your photo as you go through the line.


So I saw this post How to camouflage yourself from facial recognition technology fascinating. I believe the day is coming when you won't be able to do any transactions-- social or financial-- without "approval" and being monitored. What was once scorned and mocked as "fairy tale Bible thumping" is rapidly evolving before us. Hear the bells and whistles, people!

Google’s Goggles, a mobile app for visual search, has a facial recognition version unreleased to the public, while Israeli startup’s technology can tag people’s faces in Facebook photos. Facebook even released a basic version of face detection last night, although it doesn’t have recognition.

So in a world where technology chips away at our ability to remain anonymous, how does one reclaim some semblance of control?

It turns out there’s actually a pretty simple way around the facial recognition technology available in the market today...

Basically, you can camouflage your face with makeup, or even bandaids, placed in strategic places. Some things work and some things don't. The faces within red squares failed the camouflage detection surveillance.

Of course, you can always inject your face with human growth hormone and look like the elephant man... but I think bandaids are a cool idea. The writer of the article even thinks that this kind of camouflage may become "fashionable." LOL. Way to go.

Anyway, the camouflage techniques are similar to that of nature-- zebras' stripes, for example, as well as army tactics and the camouflage painted in naval vessels to make them appear smaller or hidden from enemy combatants.

Thumbs up for this.

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