Random Photos: Empire State Building

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I haven't had any time to blog about my excursion to the Empire State Building, a few weeks ago. I've been wildly, wildly busy-- we've gutted our home and are in the insulation and pre-sheetrock stage right now. Very busy, sorry! But I thought I would post a few random photos to show you what's it's like. I'll have a few stories about my experience in the near future.

The Empire State Building was built (completed) in 1931. It is a splendid but undertoned example of the Art Deco architectural movement of the time. The Art Deco period was a pendulum swing to the opposite of the Victorian movement: where the Victorian style was prim, proper, colorful, fanciful, decorative, and sometimes even extravagant, the Art Deco was a rebellious linear, blockish, earth-tone, mettalicky-style.

Empire State Bldg Art Deco

I discovered Art Deco wallpaper in my home, when we gutted the walls earlier this spring. Can you see a resemblance in the wallpaper and the Empire State Building light?


When I visited the ESB, the place was PACKED. It was Wednesday! I didn't expect it to be so full. And it was blazing hot.

Empire State Bldg On the Way Up

We took elevators up to the 80th floor, but they announced there was a "20 minute wait" for the elevator to the 86th floor (the location of the Observation Deck). Hm. I thought it was their sneaky way of making us walk so they could save some bucks and get more people crammed into the deck. Turns out I was right. I have since heard others' stories that they, too, had to walk 6 floors up because there was a "wait." I think they do this regularly. It was not easy, walking up 6 stories (12 sets of stairs) with a 50-pound backpack, in 90 degree heat. :-p

Anyway.... sure beats the weight loss products, I guess...

I finally made it out. Oh, it was SOOOO wonderfully breezy up there. Some people complained that it was cold, but I was delighting in it.

Empire State Bldg Deck_6

The sight of the city was pretty cool.

Empire State Bldg Deck_4

See the Statue of Liberty in the background?

I'll have more stories later. Stay tuned. ;)

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