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Friday, August 06, 2010

When we travel (whether it be to the local grocery store or to the Adirondacks or some fancy schmancy museum), my kids like to wear custom tshirts that "say something." We have some really great t-shirts from Voice of the Martyrs (the "This shirt is illegal in 52 countries" always gets stares or questions). And wherever we go, we usually pick up a t-shirt from the gift stores (such as the Oneida Indian Nation Hiawatha belt t-shirt, or the Fort Herkimer church t-shirt). I like t-shirts, too.But mine are boring. They usually say "Virginia Beach: or "New York" on them. :-p I need fancier t-shirts. Oh, I do have a few very sassy sports tshirts-- one that says, "I'm a gymnast and I can kick your butt"! LOL But what I really want is a Chuck Norris t-shirt. ;)

Some of the best t-shirts are either very saucy, or very artistic. Some people go all out and start a BLOG about artsy t-shirts (such as the blog, Death by T-Shirt). Wow, the are pretty zealous about their t-shirts, LOL! Some are exquisitely beautiful. Some are signs of the times. Like this one that make me chuckle.

The blog showcases the inane, eccentric, art t-shirts. These are custom designed, and many are sold at CafePress (one of the largest t-shirt outlets online).

LOTS of New York t-shirts there at CafePress. But I just want to make one thing clear. A REAL New Yorker doesn't wear t-shirts that say "I Love NY" or have pictures of the Statue of Liberty, k? (Not unless it was given to us). REAL New Yorkers wear t-shirts like this:

Or a hardcore New Yorker would wear this little gem:

Check out more at the site. :D

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