Along Route 5: The Canal and the Constitution

Monday, August 09, 2010

It was a terribly sultry summer day that we chose to drive over the Herkimer recently. Summer is a terrific season because you don't have to wrap up in parkas, gloves, and snow boots, but the humidity STINKS. This is NEW YORK STATE. If I wanted tropical rain forest weather, I'd go to Florida! Sheesh!

ANYWAY. LOL, there's my weather rant for the day...

So we took a drive out the Herkimer, NY, along Route 5. The scenery is beautiful. Along the way we spotted a historical marker. This one highlighted Henrich Staring from old Tryon County. He was a Montgomery County delegate to the Constitution Ratification Meeting in Poughkeepsie in 1789. He had served in the 4th Regiment Tryon County Militia.

Henrich Staring 1

Henrich Staring 2

Behind the two markers was a farm, and a low, flat area with a monument. The names on the monument was "Sterling." Any relation? It was so odd, seeing this small memorial area in the middle of a farm!

Sterling Monument


After perusing the monument, we took off down the road a little ways to see the Lock 19 of the New York State Barge Canal (old Erie Canal).


I took lots of photos, but I am still preparing them. More to come!

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