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Monday, September 06, 2010

Now that most of the really intense construction is coming to an end for The Greatest Kitchen Renovation of All Time, I am turning my leisure time attentions to hunting for decor ideas. I love sassy tin signs, ever since I first saw this one in Central Park:


7thAve from Central Park

It cost me $8, which I thought was very expensive at the time. But then I went on the Internet to look for more. Holy cow! $25, $30 for a tin sign?!?! I regretted not buying more in New York, they were definitely the Best Buy! For a fanciful moment, I considered traveling back down to get some more. I like visiting the city, I could kill two birds with one stone....

But then I came to my senses. I am in the MIDDLE of a renovation! I can't go to New York! I can barely get to the bathroom these days! So I got a few of the cheapest signs I could find online (but still good). Here's one of them. Livvy is showcasing it for me. :D


Hee hee.


I got several more. I can't WAIT to hang them! I will take photos and share with you. :) I am SO looking forward to decorating; it will mean that I am nearly done!

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