No Leaf Peeping For Central NY... YET

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Geez, after a sweltering summer, and many outspoken agonies amongst us New Yorkers for autumnal relief of heat wave after heat wave... now that fall is here, it's almost too much to believe. It happened so quickly! One day it was low 90s, then BAM next day it was in the 60s. WEIRD. And thus it has remained for the past week or so.

This will be a slightly warmer weekend, however-- a great time to finish the chores early and finish that cheap auto insurance quote, hop in the family car, and take a drive to look for the turning of the leaves (we call it "fall foliage watching," although a common media term is "leaf peeping"). The Adirondacks are definitely starting to turn colors, according to the I Love NY's Fall Foliage Report. So far, there's no change for Central New York. The Mohawk Valley is the lowest geographic area of the state, so that's not surprising.

I snapped this photo when we visited lower Lewis County in October. So beautiful.

Autumn Adirondacks 3

And this, on Potato Hill Road.

Potato Hill Rd Adirondacks 2

Yah, that was also the day we got stopped by a cop for a "noisy muffler." :-p

So if you've got a hankering to dive into autumn and get some early leap peeping in, check out the Foliage Report. The Adirondacks, autumn or no, are always spectacular, so even if you saw nothing, the trip wouldn't be wasted! Just make sure your muffler is WHISPER QUIET. :-p

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