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Thursday, September 23, 2010

I've been a minivan owner for over 16 years now.


I'm tired of minivans.

They are wonderfully large vehicles, and I love that. But that's probably where my admiration for them ends.

The transmissions SUCK. BADLY. I've owned 6 minivans (all Dodge) and EVERY SINGLE VAN needed new transmissions CONSTANTLY. The van I have right now needs its THIRD transmission. You'd think that after decades of making the same kind of vehicle, the Dodge people would kinda get with it, and FIX their crappy transmission engineering?!?!? Not everybody can yank $1000's of dollars out of their pocket every couple of years and ship it off to
Chicago auto repair for a new tranny. :-p

Minivans SUCK!!!!

I want to get a small car next time. We once had a Chevy Nova, an 88 Chevy Nova. It was coined as a "Chevy body with a Toyota Corolla engine. It was one of the best cars I ever had. The only repairs it ever needed was a muffler and brakes every year, a clutch replaced ONCE in its lifetime, and a water pump or something like that. It was a wonderful car. I had to get rid of it because we have four children, and it only seated five. WHY do cars only seat five?!? We need a six-passenger car. Why don't they make bench seats for sedans anymore??

OK, so this is my rant. Our van is in miserable shape, and I couldn't go anywhere even if I had the time. Fall is here now, it's my favorite time to travel.. and I have no reliable vehicle.

Minivans SUCK!!!

Someone please bring back the 6-seater sedan. OK?

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vanilla said...

I, too, drove minivans for a long time. But yes, sedans need six seats. Currently own a two-door coupe, since there are only two of us now. Don't ever do that. Most inconvenient, and parking requires serious care to avoid dinging the neighbor's paint.

9:18 PM  

I will remember your advice about the coupe, since The Hubs is always mentioning that he wants one. :p I think they are, overall, impractical. How could you squeeze in the 2x4s or paint supplies?! lol

10:02 AM  

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